I’m a location sound recordist. Since 2016 I’ve worked on TV shows, documentaries, branded content, commercials and feature films around the world. I have a particular interest in sound for documentary and factual content.

My engagement with sound in film began when I studied anthropology at Manchester University. I grew up playing in bands and recording music, so I was drawn to how the sound was used in ethnographic film. This interest continued to a job at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, where I absorbed hours of documentaries in the cinema from all over the world. I wondered – who was out there recording all of these sounds; was that an actual job? This question became the impetus to ditch the desk job and go to the National Film and Television School to enrol on the Location Sound Recording diploma.

Some of my favourite films are American Movie, West of the Tracks, Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus, Blue Velvet and Old Joy.

Some of my credits are listed on IMDB.