Some of the projects I’ve worked on recently…

Many days spent up in the Cotswolds shooting the Farm in 2021/22, one of a small team of recordists working on the show. A nice mix of reality doc, various vehicle rigs, and a lot of traipsing around the countryside in all weathers.
A trip across the Arctic Circle through Norway/Sweden/Finland. The usual multicam mix involving lots of DPA microphones, Sound Devices recorders, Zaxcom ZFRs, plus a lot of hand warmers.
A short film recorded in the summer of 2021. Written and directed by Paul and Simon Wade, A Moral Man stars the ever excellent Toby Jones and Claudie Blakley.
Saintmaking is a short documentary about the inimitable Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an activist group of queer male ‘nuns’. A shoot full of laughter and tears.
I worked as an additional sound recordist on this true one-shot film, capturing the events happening outside the restaurant at various points. There’s a good interview with main sound recordist Kiff McManus where he explains the process and planning behind the location sound recording.
First project back after lockdown 2020, shot on 16mm film over a scorching hot weekend. VO recorded in my car with a DPA 4018.
A hectic week in Monaco for the Grand Prix weekend, filming Inside Monaco for BBC2.
Pitch side for the NFL at Wembley to record the ‘sounds of the game’ for the LA Rams.
A documentary on the UK Flat Track Racing scene, following a young female rider on her journey to turning professional.
A mix of car FX recording, in-car dialogue and other sync sound for this multi-cam shoot with Norfolk ‘legends’ Delia Smith and Darren Huckerby.
A mixture of observational doc and interviews combined for this Skoda and Guardian Labs promo.